Euro 2020: Ronaldo Labelled a Fool by German Player

Following Portugal’s 4-2 loss to Germany, former Germany midfielder Dietmar Hamann has come out to call Cristiano Ronaldo “a fool.” Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring for the Portuguese, but later the Germans came from behind to beat them 4-2.

He also gave an assist in the game to help his team grab the second goal, although the game ended in favour of the Germans. Dietmar Hamann insisted that Ronaldo’s actions after scoring the goal may have motivated the Germans, which was what led the 4-2 lashing.

German Star Dietmar Hamann Calls Ronaldo a Fool

Euro 2020: Ronaldo Labelled A Fool By German Player
Euro 2020: Ronaldo Labelled A Fool By German Player

The former German player said: “I think it’s nonsense. He flicks the ball over, pretends he is going to catch it and back-heels it across, and looks away.” “Of course it is [amazing], and we know he can do that. I think, in a way, he’s belittling the opposition.”

“This is at 1-0, and I’m sitting here while you all rave about it. Yes, he is the best, with Messi. He looks a fool now. This is 1-0. He does look the fool.” He also said he sure he is not the only one who noticed that the German players would also say the same thing about his action after the first goal.

Hamann said he is very sure the players will it is Ronaldo’s action that gave them motivation. Cristiano Ronaldo has not said anything about the statement made by the German. But Portugal is levelled on points with Germany who three points, but they top Germany on goal difference in Group F while France tops the group with four points.

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