“Ronaldo is Not My Friend” Lionel Messi Clears Himself

Messi on Ronaldo

Argentine superstar Lionel Messi has come out publicly to say Cristiano Ronaldo is not his friend. But he would gladly accept a dinner proposer from the Portuguese. He stressed the fact that he has spoken with him severally and he has no issue with the Juve star but just because you speak with someone does not mean he is the person is your friend.

He is friends with those that play alongside him in one team. Ronaldo who left the Argentine behind in the La Liga in 2018 to Italian Serie A. He spoke of his admiration for his fellow five-time Ballon d’Or winner and is obvious the feeling is mutual because Ronaldo had earlier praised him in their last meeting saying that they have both done remarkable things in football in the last 10 years and applauded his excellence on the pitch.

Ronaldo and Messi at UEFA Dinner Night

Ronaldo on Messi

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo admitted his admiration for the Argentine star Lionel Messi.  He also stressed that the competition between them contributed to their superiority more, pointing out that the relationship between them is mutual respect. He further added that it is the competition between them that made him a better player. 

Ronaldo had earlier invited him for dinner in their last meeting when they both went for the UEFA Player of the Year award. I have always said that I don’t have an issue with Ronaldo, we might not be friends because we don’t share the same dressing room together or play for the same side. 

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I don’t know if there will be dinner for us since we don’t share the same lifestyle and our paths might not really cross for some reasons. The only thing that really unites us might just be football.  

Ronaldo gave him an open invitation for a one on one dinner and he seems happy about it and has agreed to honor the invitation when the time comes.