Reno Omokri Declares War On Transgender

Outspoken Nigerian author and former Presidential Spokesman Reno Omokri has literarily declared war on Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT. In a post on his Instagram handle, Reno advised parents to teach their children that their only gender is the one God gave them. 

The famous author urged parents to clean their homes off society’s madness the same way they clean mud off their shoes before entering their homes. According to him, God would hold every parent accountable for their homes no matter how mad the world is.

Reno further advised parents to uproot their children from any environment that teaches them about Transgender.

“If your son says he wants to be a girl, don’t oblige him, or beat him, or deprive him of parental affection. Instead, uproot him. Uproot him from the environment that is teaching him that that is okay.”

Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri Declares War On Transgenders
Reno Omokri.

He noted that moving from such an environment is worth it for their child. According to him, Transgender is a tendency, which tends to grow the more people feed it. 

Meanwhile, he added that if the child still turns out to be transgender at the end of the day, such a parent could stand before God without any condemnation.

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