Religion and Technology in Contemporary Society: Islam

Okay, so Ramadan has ended, and so has Eid. I hope you had fun this Eid?

Beyond the use of daily technological tools just like everyone else in the world – for texting, calls, video games, Google maps etc – Muslims and Islam have a much deeper relationship with technology. If you aren’t not aware of them you need to catch on. This article will help you do that.

Utility Apps

Although fatwas have been ordered and protests have been made from some quarters on the use of the internet and other technological tools in Islamic practices, modern technology still thrives in Islam and there are numerous innovations to show for it. Just like everyone else, Muslims seek tools that make life and the practice of Islam easier.

Besides having an e-Quran or keeping up with your favorite Imams and Islamic scholars on social media, the islamification of technology runs much deeper and wider than you may think. Apps have been created for different purposes. One known as Ramadan Times is known to give a notification on your iPhone for Suhr and Iftar times irrespective of your location.

Several apps abound that cater to the Pillars of Islam. For instance, the use of 3D Salah, the Quran Majeed app, the Ka’abaa Finder/Pointer, Zakat Calculator etc. These all help any modern and tech-savvy Muslim to fulfill his/her religious duties with ease. Good, don’t you think?

Online Islamic Classes/Groups

Without leaving the comfort of your home, any Muslim can take Quranic classes, learn more about Islam and improve their faith. Distance and relocation can hardly affect this.

Similarly, thousands of people find support groups that cater to their different daily needs that affect their religious lives.

Also, the tech industry is populated by a sizeable quantity of Muslims. Female Muslim coders and programmers are making waves and making money, changing perceptions and breaking boundaries as they go.

Replacement of Islamic Materials

Of all the things in Islam that have been tried to replace through the years, tasbih is one of the things that has been hit the most. From the use of pebbles or sticks to more technological advanced forms.

Religion And Technology In Contemporary Society: Islam 2

In place of the chaplet beads used to perform dhikr (repetitive utterances that glorify the name of Allah), a digital numerical tasbih is now available. It basically saves you the stress of paying close attention on the beads while chanting or reciting. It does the work for you. This small device is very affordable and is available all over Nigeria at the moment.

Mobile Games for Children

The young ones across different faiths seem to be growing up similarly. Technology cannot be hidden from them. It is an intrinsic part of the world they’re born into and it is the future of it. So, why not use it to teach them the way of faith.

Islamic-based mobile games have been programmed and designed to teach and shape the religious lives of children of our current age.

So, there we go. Technology is pretty unrelenting, don’t you think?

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