Reality TV Star Lucy Shares Experience With Covid-19 Vaccinator

Reality Tv star Lucy has taken to her social media page to narrate her experience with a Covid-19 vaccinator.

The reality star noted that if anyone wants to see change, the change would have to start with them. 

Sharing her experience, Lucy said, “I keep saying it, be the change you want to see! I went for my first vaccine, and the people were so nice without knowing who i was.

I transferred small cash to one of the ladies to share with the rest, came back for my second dose, I’m discussing with one of them, and I asked if he got what I dropped for him last time, he said No!

Apparently, madam didn’t give any of them anything, after people blame government for chopping money, once put in a place of power, it takes serious discipline to do right by people.

Several times I have experienced this.

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