Reality Star Chris Adah Blames Nigerian Youths for Nigeria Problems

Chris Adah, reality star from ultimate love has shared her opinion on what she believes is the cause of Nigeria’s problem, as she failed not to blame the youths for being part of the problem.

The reality star noted that some Nigerians urged young people to participate in politics to fix the country. Despite that, there are a few youths expressing their interest in running for office, that has been chastised by the same youths, proving that there is no love among the Nigerian youths.

Chris also added that Nigeria is an impossible country that has a problem as clear as daylight.

Chris Adah post reads, “We all have been clamouring for #youthtakeover but all the youths declaring intentions to run for office are being criticized by the same youths. These ancient demagogues know we have no love amongst ourselves and will continue to use us to divide us. 

Nigeria is an impossible country, the real problem is evident but then we will always shift blame.

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