Ralf Rangnick Defends Appointment of a psychologist

Manchester United interim boss Ralf Rangnick has come out to defend the appointment of a psychologist to the team. The German said it is “absolutely logical” to have an “expert for the brain” among his coaching staff. The psychologist Sascha Lense is one of two backroom appointments Rangnick intends to make once United can get the required visas.

Ralf Rangnick Says is Logical to Appoint a psychologist

46-year-old Lense is a former second division player in Germany and worked with Rangnick at Schalke and RB Leipzig. S” peaking about the appointment, the manager said: “For me, it is logical.” He also said: “This is not about putting them on the red sofa and holding hands with players.” “If you have special coaches for goalkeeping, physical education, strikers, fitness, you should also have an expert for the brain.”

Ralf Rangnick Defends Appointment Of A Psychologist
Ralf Rangnick Defends Appointment Of A Psychologist

He “also backed it up by saying in the last couple of years, in Germany, many clubs have employed a sports psychologist tyo9 help the team, listing them he mentioned Hans-Dieter Hermann, the current sports psychologist of the German national team, with him in 1998 the was with Ulm when Ralf Rangnick said that they were like the first club in Germany to do that.

“It is about helping to show the players how the brain should assist the body, not work against it. Whenever we speak about football, we know that the major part is in the brain – what do you think? How do you analyse the situation? “The players, the coaching staff, everybody in our team should think in the right way.”

Rangnick will expect the coaching staff he has inherited at United to be open to Lense’s work, which will be on the training pitch and not hidden away from view.

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