Public’s Obsession With BBNaija

BBNaija (Big Brother Naija) has begun again. The fourth season of the highly anticipated reality TV in Nigeria has a group of 21 adults of various parts of the country.

While it has been a few hours into the show, there are a lot of people who are already giving their opinions on the housemates.

Kim-Oprah, who hails from Anambra state already has the tag of being ‘Fake’ from a few viewers.

The public is already getting obsessed with watching the show.

Talking about obsessions, I vividly remember last year with a lot of die-hard fans who bought new sim cards to vote. Made T-Shirts for their favorite housemates and even started twitter wars.

So far, there haven’t been any twitter battle for the top housemate so we are anticipating that. For more scoop into the BBNaija gist click here

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