President Buhari Leaves For The UK On “A Private Visit”

Today, Thursday April 25th, President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari will be travelling to the UK. This news is coming out of Buhari’s media house this morning. And Nigerians are asking if this will be one of those visits again?

On Wednesday, the President was in Lagos to inaugurate various projects in the State like the Lagos Theatre. He then traveled to Maiduguri, Borno State where he inaugurated more projects on healthcare, roads and education according to his spokesperson Femi Adesina.

For now, Buhari will be travelling to the UK “on a private visit”. It is worth knowing though that since Buhari became president in 2015, the UK has been his most visited country.

President Buhari spent 51 days in the United Kingdom in 2017, while Vice-President Osinbajo assumed the role of acting-president. Nigerians are hoping that the President is hale and hearty this time around to avoid any stories that touch.

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