Popular Influencer Dragged Over #silhouettechallenge Tweet

A popular influencer on social media has been dragged to filth over a tweet she made regarding her take on the #silhouettechallenge which has become very popular over the last couple of days.

Who is the popular influencer and why were they dragged?

Modupe ‘Moe’ Odele (@Moechievous) is a lawyer as well as a popular influencer especially on Twitter. She took to the microblogging platform to voice her opinion on what she referred to as the ‘over-regulation’ of women’s bodies.

The body of a woman is over-regulated. And that’s the same reason you think your opinion on what she does with her body should matter, Moe tweeted.

Popular Influencer Dragged Over #Silhouettechallenge Tweet
Popular Influencer, Moe Tweets About #Silhouettechallenge

Her tweet is an offshoot of reactions to the perceived indecency on display with the #silhouettechallenge on social media, where women dance, apparently nude, in suggestive ways under dark lighting.

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Her ideology on this matter did not sit down well with so many people on the platform, who, despite her locked comments section, quoted the tweet to express their disagreement and discontent.

Popular Influencer Dragged Over #Silhouettechallenge Tweet
Popular Influencer Dragged Over #Silhouettechallenge Tweet

Reacting, @OtunbaCoff tweeted, This is the hypocrisy we all speak about. I have a problem with people who encourage what they clearly won’t do. Why are you deliberately misleading people?

@Yettyclassy tweeted, They have the right to do whatever with their bodies but yes as much as we try to deny it there are consequences. Eg a woman running for a political position having her nudes/sextape all over the internet. It may not matter in another country but in this part of the world it does

Moe Odele gained a greater level of popularity during the #EndSARS protests and in the aftermath, as she used her influence to organize and distribute funding for peaceful protesters, as well as her position as a lawyer to provide legal representation for those who were arrested.

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