Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (34): Oyinbo don Finally Bring Corona Virus Come Meet Us

Awala Meh! Ewooh! Egbon!

Mazi, wetin happen?

You never hear say corona virus don finally enter this country?

Aaaah! Olorun maje. Na lie be that

No be any olorun maje o. God don already allow am. Na wan oyinbo man bring am come

How en take do am?

How else? En get am and en enter aeroplane from en country come here. And as en reach here, he start to dey sick.

Wetin person go come do? Where the man dey now?

En go dey hospital now. Dem don dey treat am for corona virus and na Italy en come from o; I no just know why he no just siddon for en country jeje

Kai, I no like this thing wey I dey hear so; this no be good news because I know say we still dey battle the spread of lassa fever for this country and to come add corona virus na another level of wahala

No fear too much Egbon, abi you don forget say e get wan time when Ebola been come this country and we handle am finish? No dey fear, the best thing wey you fit do na to dey watch yourself and people around you and to dey rub hand sanitizer regularly. I dey sell am for shop in case you wan buy

But Mazi, Ebola no be corona virus o. e be like say this one deadly pass o

Hmmm, how you go take know the one wey deadly pass when you never catch any of them before. Both of dem na sickness wey fit kill people fast fast so na to find how to prevent am be the main thing

What about the people wey that oyinbo man touch throughout en journey?

Na em government talk say dem go dey find all those people one by one and the driver wey drive am from airport don even talk say na en drive the man; en even talk say he chop with the man

Na wa o. en chop with the oyinbo man wey get the corona virus? That wan na serious wahala. That driver don catch the corona virus be that now.

Nna enh, e be like say the man don catch am o and the factory wey the oyinbo man go; government don quarantine everybody wey dey that factory about twenty eight people. Chai. This thing na sad news true true

You no know before? People dey dey do their work and wan useless oyinbo man don come put serious gbese for their head

See wetin I dey read o


Come see, the oyinbo man wan run commot from Lagos hospital go en country

Enh! Who go allow am? Make en go infect more people for road. Make dem hold am well well o because as e dey so, we no know the people wey he touch and the people wey those people don touch. Kai I don die

No dey talk that kind talk. you never did; you still dey here and no doctor don tell you say you get the corona virus

But as e dey say, anybody fit catch am

No be me o. As you see me so, I don make agreement with God that even if everybody for this country catch am, the thing no go reach me or my family members

I pray say that your agreement go work because e easy to talk something until another thing don dey happen

Ahn Ahn, Egbon, na swear you dey swear for me?

I no dey swear for you o. I just dey talk true

Mr truth. Dey their dey talk your truth and I go face my own. Ehen, no forget say I dey sell hand sanitizer o. my own na strong wan e go prevent corona virus well well

I don hear

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