Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (309): Buhari Makes Fresh Vows

Buhari Makes Fresh Vows

Egbon: Hmmm, I no understand where this country dey go again o, if Nigerian Defence Academy no fit get security wey stand well for ground, wetin con be the hope of other places for this country

Mazi: Nna ehn, i shock when i hear say bandits go attack that place o, dem even get mind pai two military officers (cut in

Egbon: No be that one alone o, dem still collobi another Major, con demand for 200 million naira, and e no even reach 24 hours, dem pai the Major o

Mazi: Chai, no be good news at all, wetin Buhari talk ontop the matter like this

Egbon: Wetin Buhari wan talk if no be to say the thing shock am, na every time him and him Vice dey always dey shock anytime something like this happen

Mazi: But, wetin him talk now wey this one happen like this?

Buhari Makes Fresh Vows

Egbon: Buhari vow say the thing wey happen no go discourage Naija soldiers, say dem go work harder to make sure say bandits plus other terrorists no get upper hand again

Mazi: The things wey dey happen for this country no too sweet man belle o, see as bandits dey pai people for Jos, Borno, Kaduna plus other places

Egbon: The question wey we suppose ask now na say where security con dey for this country

Mazi: Kai, make God dey protect us o….. I hear say NAFDAC warn say make Naija people dey careful with the kain food wey dem dey buy sake of say some people dey use chemical process the food wey dem dey sale

Doctors’s Recruitment To Saudi Arabia

Egbon: Ehn ehn, i no even understand why some people just dey wicked, and small time now, dem go say na Buhari no do this one, na him do that one, why dem go dey use chemical process food wey person go chop

Mazi: Me self wonder when i read the news o, NAFDAC Oga talk say some people wey dey sale food even dey use sniper plus other chemical wey fit cause sickness or even kill people 

Egbon: No mind dem, God go expose them… but Mazi e get one tory wey i read wey bother me o

Mazi: Wetin dey inside the tory?

Egbon: E talk say plenty Naija Doctors show face for one recruitment wey dem arrange to carry Doctors go work for Saudi Arabia, say na plenty of dem wan run commot for Naija

Mazi: Shuuu, that one get as e be o, who go con repair the country if everybody dey run commot

Pidgin News (309): Buhari Makes Fresh Vows

Egbon: Abeg commot that side, the people wey remain go repair am, you no go blame the people wey dey carry their bag run commot for this Naija, nobody like suffer head and this government no look like the one wey get plan

Mazi: So, na to run commot be the solution bah?

Egbon: I no talk say na em be the solution, i just dey talk say, we no suppose blame anybody wey pack him bag run commot

Mazi: Tor, i hear you, me self no blame anybody, i just dey talk say we suppose join hands repair the country for our own good, because the place where dem dey run go, na people repair am

Egbon: Wo, commot that lane jare…… con see the thing wey this woman do for South Africa o, dem say she abandon her six pikin, go meet her boyfriend

Mazi: Laugh… nothing wey Aboki no go see for Sha sha o, how she go do that kain thing, some parents no dey responsible at all, small time now, the pikin go join bad gang, make i con dey go jare

Egbon: Later now, take care

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