Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (195): Kasala Inside National Assembly

Kasala Inside National Assembly

Mazi: But wait o, i bin dey think say our lawmakers no dey fight again now, which one be this News wey i dey read now

Egbon: Na wetin dey inside the News, shey dem don fight again?

Mazi: Make i read am well well first cause na only the Headline i don read and the thing say Pandemoniun In National Assembly

Egbon: E better make you read am first o because sometimes ehn, those News people get how dem dey write the Headline wey go wan make people read the tory

Mazi: I don read am small, imagine o, no be our lawmakers dey fight 

Egbon: Ehn ehn, so why dem con talk say pandemonium dey inside National Assembly, abi pandemoniun no be kasala again?

Mazi: Pandemonium naa kasala now, but the thing be say naa some people wey dem invite con the National Assembly dey fight each other

Egbon: You see now, dem say naa the thing wey leader do followers go copy, dem don copy the lawmakers dem now

Mazi: Hmmm, imagine o na this Petroleum Industry Bill dem invite them make dem con chuk mouth put o, wey dem con dey throw blow

Kasala For National Assembly

Egbon: Nawa o, but make i ask you o, naa who be those people wey dem invite come the National Assembly?

Mazi: Dem say naa people for the area where dem dey produce oil for Naija o, I even read say the lawmakers run go hide dem head o

Egbon:Laugh, before nko, why dem no go hide, who wan die, you no know say life sweet

Mazi: Life sweet o, especially if person get money, con get better health take chop the money

2023 Presidential Race 

Egbon: I even read am for News say some people don talk say dem wan buy ticket give Yahaya Bello

Mazi: Him wan travel commot Naija, abi na which ticket dem wan buy give am o

Egbon: Na the thing wey you suppose ask be that, no be flight ticket o, naa ticket wey go allow am join the race for 2023 Presido 

Mazi: Ehn ehn, this matter don dey look real o, i bin dey think say naa joke before before o

Egbon: My brother no be joke at all o, even i don see posters wey talk say Tinubu and Wike wan do Presido

Mazi: Hmm, this Naija self, naa the same Old politician wey we dey complain say dem no do well we still dey plan to vote o

Egbon: I sure say na some people wey dey hope say dem go fit chop if those people win dey do poster up and down

Bobrisky To Give Out 1 Million Naira

Mazi: Na Naija we dey o, i con dey wonder when the Youths go turn leaders of tomorrow o if this thing dey go like this

Kasala Inside National Assembly

Egbon: Na since i dey young i don dey hear say naa youth be leaders of tomorrow and still, no tata for yanyan

Mazi: One day one day the tomorrow go come, i hear wan gist o

Egbon: Gist master, oya give me the gist make i hear

Mazi: Na Bobrisky o, i hear say she abi na he wan give one fan 1 million naira

Egbon: 1 million naira keh, wetin the fan do him

Mazi: E never finish o, him talk say him go sponsor the lady go Dubai, con give her any phone wey she like

Egbon: Ehn ehn, eyi ga o, but na wetin the lady do give Bobrisky?

Mazi: Him talk say the lady draw him Tatoo put for body, naa why she wan give her that gift o

Egbon: Tor, won ku orire, Bobrisky na ku inawo

Mazi: Wetin that one mean o

Egbon: I congratulate the lady con greet Bobrisky weldone, abi e no reach to greet am

Mazi: This life sha, no wonder why plenty people dey talk say life no balance

Egbon: Mazi, na make wey pray say make Baba God make life Balance for our side o, make i con dey move

Mazi: Amen o, we go talk later now, take care

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