Peruzzi Contract Saga: Who should be blamed?

Peruzzi is in the news as he is allegedly said to have defrauded his former label boss, King Patrick who dragged him and DMW boss, Davido on Twitter. The shocking fact that comes after the revelation by King Patrick on is Twitter page isn’t the main issue but who is to be blamed for the dilemma needs to be known.

You might find it hard to believe that Peruzzi, a major act associated with Davido isn’t even signed to the DMW record label at all. The music group has artists such as Mayorkun, Dremo, Idowest, and the recently signed duo of Lil Frosh and Ayanfe but saying Peruzzi doesn’t belong to this record label is an unbelievable fact. He has been seen many times rolling with Davido and his music; many has even said Peruzzi cannot do anything without Davido playing a part in it.

Peruzzi and Davido dragged by King Patrick

Peruzzi And Davido 
Peruzzi and Davido

On the 16th of January 2020, King Patrick disclosed how the duo of Davido and Peruzzi cheated him of money. In a long twitter tread, the young label owner told his story. He said he raised the ‘Nana’ crooner by clothing, feeding, accommodating and supporting his musical career. It was at this point Davido reached out to Peruzzi when he released his first track titled ‘For Your Pocket’.

King Patrick in his tweet said he was happy for his artist’s contact with Davido only for Peruzzi to sign for DMW while still in contract with Golden Boy Entertainment. He said in the tweet ‘I woke up to the news of the signing and I was mad and that marked the beginning of my depression. If only you know how it feels to be cheated by someone you truly loved’.

King Patrick, however, demanded he is paid all that is due to him. He also disclosed how Peruzzi has been threatening to kill him despite all he had done for him. The matter didn’t stop at that as King Patrick revealed all the songs he recorded under his label such as ‘Fia’, ‘Mind’, ‘Ada’, and ‘Risky’. He went as far as posting ‘Fia’ been written under his label.

Peruzzi replies so far

In his response, Peruzzi said he wasn’t a cheat and didn’t cheat anyone. He also claimed he wasn’t helped or fed by King Patrick. In one of his tweets, he said ‘You crying bout songs I wrote for blood. What about the ones you sold to Nollywood and other individuals without my consent? Did you pay for any of the songs you’re talking about?’

The ‘Majesty’ crooner in his words felt he didn’t do anything wrong to his old label boss.

Davido’s comment on the issue so far

DMW boss, Davido who was also called out by King Patrick has also came out to say singer Peruzzi isn’t signed to his label. It is quite confusing because Peruzzi was unveiled as a DMW act in November 2017 in a Twitter post. If that is the case, then it can be concluded as an audio signing.

Who is to be blamed in this Saga?

Having heard from all the parties involved in this contract saga, it is therefore important for all to settle scores and move on. The issue is quite complicated but all have their undoing in this case.

It can be argued that King Patrick should have spoken up since he knew Peruzzi has cheated him by signing for another label while still in contract with him. Peruzzi on his own shouldn’t have left his record label when the contract is not expired or terminated. No football player will play for two clubs while still in contract with one. I think that is also applicable here. Davido could also be said to have done wrong by having an artist he didn’t sign yet unveiled him as his own.

All the parties involved just have to clear the air, this will also be an important lesson for every other guys involved in music business and so on.

Let’s get your feedback by telling us who you think is to be blamed in this contract saga between King Patrick, Peruzzi and Davido. Thanks for taking time in reading this piece.Toggle panel: Asset CleanUp Pro: CSS & JavaScript Manager

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