Pastor Threatens Members Who Falls Under Anointing

A Nigerian pastor has been seen in a viral video seriously warning his members on falling under his anointing.

The clergy man couldn’t take it again after members would fall under his ministration and break church equipment.

Complaining about the number of church equipment that had been damaged due to people falling under the anointing, he warned that the next person to fall and break anything would be forced to pay.

The pastor stood on the pulpit and said, “For those of you that like to fall under anointing and break things, if you fall under anointing in this church and break anything, you’ll pay”

From today is break and pay. Any spirit that fall and break things will pay. This camera is one million, tell your demonic spirit not to break this camerahe warned.

Nigerian Pastor Warns Members For Falling Under Anointing
Nigerian pastor warns members for falling under anointing

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He also mocked those who fall under anointing even before the touch of the Holy Spirit as he tagged them ‘faller‘ while warning them not to move close to the church equipment.

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