Oldest professional Footballer, 6th October F.C signs a 75-yr-old man

The Oldest professional footballer in the history of football has just been signed by an Egyptian third division side 6th October. The club completed the signing of the 75-year-old Ezz El-Din Bahader on Tuesday 28th of January 2020. Egyptian Football Association (EFA) the governing body of sport in the North-African country posted a series of pictures on Facebook where Bahader was seen putting down his signatures to the contract.

Oldest Professional Footballer, 6Th October F.c Signs A 75-Yr-Old Man 1
6TH October F.C

With the signing been made official Ezz El-Din Bahader is currently the oldest footballer on planet earth.  He has finalized all the paper works but he still need to run medicals after which he will be taken to the pitch to officially break the previous record. According to a report published in, Bahader will become the oldest professional footballer in the history of the sport.

Oldest Professional Footballer, 6Th October F.c Signs A 75-Yr-Old Man 2
Isaak Hayik
Oldest Professional Footballer, 6Th October F.c Signs A 75-Yr-Old Man 3
Isaak Hayik

The current world record of being the oldest professional footballer is held by Isaak Hayik. He was the goal keeper for Israel’s fourth-tier side Ironi Or Yehuda in April 2019 at the age of 73. As of today 30th January 2020, the Egyptian Football Association has registered the oldest professional player. This 2020 winter transfer period has recorded El-Din Bahader as the Oldest professional footballer.

The EFA said in a Facebook post said he Ezz El-Din Bahader is now a player for the third division side 6th October. Bahader completed the move to the leadue side and he is set to prove to the world that age is only but a number. With this signing Bahader wants to break the world record currently held by Hayik. The EFA, in their statement, also conformed the same.

“He is preparing to enter the Guinness World Encyclopaedia of records as he begins his participation with his club,” the EFA said in a statement. The player has no football history, he had never played for any football club before, football lovers although anxious to watch him play still points to his age. The duration of his contract is stated and so we have no idea of how long Bahader intends to play football.

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