NUT May Celebrate World Teachers Day Striking

World Teachers Day might be celebrated by the Nigerian Union of Teachers, NUT, with a major strike across states yet to implement the N30,000 minimum wage.

This notion came about when the leadership of NUT threatened to withdraw its members’ services in states that have refused to pay their teachers the minimum wage, as initially agreed in a previous meeting.

In observing the teachers’ day celebration here in Nigeria, the National President of NUT, Dr Nasir Idris, on Tuesday in Abuja, expressed sadness over the failure of some state governments to put in place the National Minimum Wage Act signed into law in 2018 till date.

World Teachers Day: Teachers Union Warns of Imminent Strike

NUT’s President specifically informed affected governors who have yet to pay their teachers the N30,000 minimum wage to do that without further delay or preparing for an imminent absconding from work.

It was understood from findings that while some states and their governments have commenced the payment of the agreed amount, others have shown that it may be impossible to meet up with the payment plans.

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