NIMC Reacts to Story on Hacking Nigerians’ Private Information

NIMC, which stands for National Identity Management Commission, recently reacted to claims of hackers gaining access to the nation’s database.

The Commission was quick to expel this information and informed the general public that the news regarding Nigerians’ identity being breached by cyber-criminals is untrue.

NIMC swiftly debunked the identity theft claims, as the Director-General, Engr. Aliyu Aziz, in a statement released today, January 11, categorically stated that safety is programmed at the highest international security levels as the custodian of the most critical national database for Nigeria.

NIMC DG Says FG Spends Heavily to Protect Database

He revealed that the Commission had sunk resources to make sure the country’s colossal database was adequately secured and protected from the reach of data thieves.

Aziz said the agency went to the lengths to safeguard the database as there are reports about data theft worldwide, which is why they aren’t leaving any stone unturned or taking the protection of the identities for granted.

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