Nigerian Rapper Ycee Questions Broke People With Rich Lifestyle

Nigerian rapper Ycee has questioned how people that live an expensive lifestyle despite being broke have the guts to do so.

According to the rapper, he lives a simple lifestyle and spends within his budget; however, the people who live an expensive lifestyle rocking designer outfits beg him for money.

Ycee, who has had enough of the fake lifestyle, took it upon himself to question Nigerians on how they do it while giving an insight into what he means.

In his post, the rapper said,

I honestly really can’t stand you lot that wanna be doing luxury lifestyle (fancy outfits and what not) but zero on the finances … like where do you even begin to get the mind?????

You rock all the Gucci and the LV and the balanciagas and co … you wan come Dey bill me wey Dey manage my Nikes and my Zara God Abeg.

Finance Your taste.

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