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Ewa Alagbado is a common Nigerian food that translates to ‘beans with corn’ from Yoruba.

Beans is widely grown in the Northern parts of Nigeria and is one of the major foods in the country. Corn is grown all over the country, including the rainforests of the Southern parts where it can be grown two-three times annually. This combination of food crops makes the sumptuous meal called Ewa Alagbado. Fresh corn is the best for this meal. Apart from its nutritional value, this meal will fill your stomach before you finish a dish.


Brown-black-eyed peas, fresh corn, palm oil, onions, chili powder, crayfish, and salt to taste.


Pick the beans so as to remove dirt or pebbles. Shell the corn from its cob (it can be boiled before shelling if the stock will be used). Slice the onion into rings. Set aside the ground/chili pepper.


The first thing to do is to cook the beans as it takes more time to be done than the corn. The sliced onion should be added to the boiling beans on the stove. After it has been cooked for 20-30 minutes on a medium heat, the shelled corn can then be introduced. This will take about 10 minutes to cook. Desirable amount of palm oil, crayfish and salt to taste should then be added. Allow the contents to cook for 8-10 minutes, then allow cooling for a couple of minutes. Thereafter, Ewa Alagbado is done.

Ewa Alagbado

This meal can be enjoyed when served hot. The fresh corn is crunchy when eating this combination of foods. This meal is mostly prepared in homes and has a lot of nutritional value as it has the six classes of food in the right proportion. Add this meal to your menu, enjoy its flavor and thank me later. Bon appetite!

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