Nigeria is Not a Normal Society (We Hardly Ever Carry out Death Sentences)

When last did you hear a Nigerian state carry out a death sentence? Rev King is still alive despite losing his appeal in supreme Court in 2016. Why? Because a governor is supposed to sign his death warrant.

Which governor ever signed death warrant apart from Adams Oshiomhole? They are too busy stealing to consider the death warrant part of their responsibility to secure the nation. When you punish crime you deter criminals.

Even Boko Haram terrorists that bombed people to pieces are still alive. The state cannot execute them because of the reason stated above.

Maryam Sanda may lose all her appeals up to supreme court because of the overwhelming evidence against her. But she will never be executed under the current Nigerian system.

Boko Haram in its violent campaign killed 6600 people in 2014 alone. It displaced 2.3 million people. Have we been able to punish one of them?

Fulani herdsmen and bandits have sacked communities and killed thousands. They are everywhere kidnapping people on the highway.

They are now knocking doors and picking their victims at home. Have we executed anyone of them? Nigeria is not normal!

We need to change our laws. In Iraq once you lose your appeal, execution must be carried out within a window of 40 days, whether death warrant is signed or not.

Crime pesters if it is not punished. A normal society punishes crime. Nigeria is not normal.

By Aliyu Nuhu

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