New Music: Aṣa Won’t Take Your Crap on “Good Thing”

A few weeks ago, popularly acclaimed singer-songwriter, Aṣa, returned with a soulful single, “The Beginning” off her forthcoming album with the same title and fans loved every single bit of it. While we’re still baiting our collective breaths in anticipation of the album that was promised, she has gifted us with yet another single off the album. The song, “Good Thing”, isn’t a typical standard Aṣa song but it isn’t less interesting anyway.

Aṣa had previously teased another moving track off the upcoming project titled “Torn” but instead we got “Good Thing” in place of it and we’re enjoying it all the same.

On “Good Thing”, Asa comes off as defiant and decisive, singing about how she feels after a messy breakup. “I am too fly for this, and I have no time for this/ I’m not afraid to be on my own and I am so fine with this”. This isn’t the usual sober approach to break-ups we’re familiar with. Àṣà is confident about what she wants and means. She won’t take your crap and she makes it clear. What’s not to love?

Listen to “Good Thing” below: