NACCIMA Makes Clarion Call to Save Dying Naira

The Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture, NACCIMA, has made an urgent call for the economic experts in the country to help save collapsing Naira note.

On Thursday, the branch, Enugu Chamber of Commerce Industries Mines and Agriculture, ECCIMA, made the call during the forty-eight Annual General Meeting of the Association in Enugu.

Sir Emeka Nwandu, President of ECCIMA, argued that even the present debt situation of the country is becoming scary as continuous borrowing from the Central Bank of Nigeria has left the exchange rate at an all-time low and hardly will it ever return to the norm.

He, therefore, asked that Nigerians need to make efforts to salvage the situation and save the Naira and our economy.

To generate revenue, an aspect that would help solidify the Nigerian currency, he said, should be the nation’s priority, and he commended the National Assembly for already walking the talk by placing N10 per litre tax on all non-alcoholic beverages.

Sincerely, he said, we think that this tax if implemented, would be counterproductive as the reason stated by the Federal Government for imposing this tax does not outweigh the unemployment issues it would generate.

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