Mr Macaroni Stands up to Security Operatives

The Comedian Mr Macaroni confronted security operatives who allegedly tried to extort 30,000 Naira from a boy in Lagos. He is best known for his online comedy skits.

‘Part of the corruption wey we dey talk be dat,’ Mr macaroni noted in outrage during the episode that occurred on the side of a road in Lagos. The individuals involved included Mr Macaroni, the boy, the passersby, and the security operatives.

The comedian asked individuals standing by to get the incident on camera and asked for the return of the boy’s money.

He further asked if there was evidence of the transaction and if money was transferred to the security operatives.

Mr Macaroni has been known for activism in social issues. He was part of the notable protesters during the #Endsarsmemorial anniversary held on 20th October 2021.

He was also active during the initial protests of October 2020, in which he was arrested. He has released an online skit trailing the events of police brutality, the #EndSARS protests and other societal issues.

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