Morgan Freeman Game of Thrones Review

There have been many comments on the last season of Game of Thrones, whose finale has not convinced all fans. But none is worth the opinion of Morgan Freeman!

An imitator of Morgan returns to the best moments of the series. In the voiceover, he says, “Well, that was really something, wasn’t it?” Morgan Freeman’s voice can be heard asking as he goes about his business. He goes on to talk about how much he “misses his friends” as he reflects on their journey which went on for eight seasons.

“Look how young they were. Young and alive … and so very innocent,” he says. He then goes on to reflect on his favorite seasons and episodes, before touching on season 8, which he claims “started like an episode of Jerry Springer.” Referencing how Jon Snow discovered his true identity.

He digs into how the cast needed to get ready to “start living or start dying”. And he emphasizes Arya Stark’s great athletic skills as she managed to jump 500 yards to kill the Night King. He also touches on Daenerys as she transformed from hopeful to full-blown ‘cray cray’.

Weighing in on Bran the Broken being crowned King of the Six Kingdoms, he says, “No wonder he sat looking smug all the time.” The video, both funny and touching, ends with him paying tribute to all the lives lost in the many battles for the Iron Throne. He also made known his hopes for the spin-off shows, in a way that only “Morgan Freeman” can.

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