Moise Kean Speaks of Replacing Ronaldo at Juve

Everton star player who is currently on loan with Juventus Moise Kean has come out to say he’s not under pressure in any way to replace Cristiano Ronaldo in the team. The player who was with Juventus before he joined the English Premier League top side.

Moise Kean says He is not Under Pressure to Replace Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo left the Old Lady club to return to English Premier League top side Manchester United. In a press conference, the Italian star stated that he only feels responsible for wearing the Juventus shirt and not the pressure of replacing Ronaldo.

Moise Kean Speaks Of Replacing Ronaldo At Juve 1

According to Moise Kane, he said: “I don’t feel any pressure in replacing Ronaldo.” “I just want to lend a hand to the team where I grew up and where I lived good times.” “I just want to play. I have no pressure. I just feel the responsibility of wearing the Juventus shirt.”

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