“Mo Farah Should Apologize.. I am No Thief”

A young Kenyan lady has been jailed, for allegedly stealing from Olympic Gold medalist, Mo Farah. Abebech Gradisa, 23, spent 16 days in jail.

“If you believe I am innocent, then apologies to me” She said as she narrated her ordeal.

Her days in jail were spent with her sleeping on the concrete floors and bathing from a bucket.

Gradisa’s arrest follows Mo Farah making a complaint that several personal items and money stolen from his room. Speaking to reporters, while fighting back tears. The softly-spoken lady explained how her nightmare began.

She said “I knew I was innocent but I was scared. There was no evidence against me. But they still put me in jail.”

“I have serviced his room for two months and worked in the hotel for eight months with no complains. He would leave his laptop and money and I would always put it on the table for him.

&Quot;Mo Farah Should Apologize.. I Am No Thief&Quot; 1

Gradicia, who has a three-year-old daughter, was arrested with four other staff members at the Yaya Village Hotel after they were caught up in the middle of bitter dispute with fellow Olympic legend Haile Gebrselassie.

The alleged theft is being investigated by police. This theft which took place in the hotel of Gebrselassie, 46.

He and Gebrselassie has said he and Farah had also been in a disagreement after he had refused to host a running coach accused of doping offenses.

“Until Wednesday (when Farah made public his allegation) we were friends. If you ask me today we are enemies.” Gebrselassie said

Gebrselassie claims that Farah was angered over the fact he refused to let Jama Aden stay at the Yaya Village.

Farah, however, claims room 133 where he stayed for three months. Was broken into and the thieves stole a Tag watch, two mobile phones and about 2,600 pounds in cash from four currencies.

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