Missing Pregnant Woman Found Dead

A dark-haired 19-year old pregnant woman who went missing on the night of April 23 has been found dead.

The woman identifies as Marlen Ochoa-Lopez was nine months pregnant. She last made an appeal to mothers on a facebook group called “Help A Sister Out”.

Marlen needed help securing a double stroller for her toddler and her baby on the way. According to social media posts and a pastor who’s been helping her assist her family.

She was a student at Latino Young High School, Marlen wrote that she was jobless and short on cash. She was willing to trade, buy or accept any donation given.

According to the posts, a woman responded asking her to send a message privately.

Later on, Marlen’s body was found Tuesday in a garbage can in the backyard of the woman who had offered to help her. Police say she was strangled with a coaxial cable and the baby forcibly removed from the womb.

The police say the baby is in grave condition at the hospital.

The suspects who were in the home have been charged; two with murder and other charges and one with concealment of a crime, police say. Clarisa Figueroa, 46 and her daughter Desiree, 24, who police say helped her mother conceal the crime.

The motive for the murder is still unknown. However, it was reported Clarisa lost a child in 2007 to natural causes. Police believe that she intended to keep the child for herself.

On the day of Marlen’s death, police received a distress call about a newborn from the home where the young mother’s body was eventually found.

The Three People Charged

Detectives visited the home of the Figueroa after learning of Clarisa’s contact with the victim via Facebook. She said she had previously met with the victim but hadn’t seen her the day she went missing. Police were suspicious of her and collected DNA samples from the baby, his biological father, and Clarisa Figueroa.

Armed with a search warrant on Tuesday, detectives discovered incriminating evidence, blood on the floors of the living room, bathroom, and hallway. Marlen’s body was found in the garbage can in the yard, with the cable used among other things.

Desiree Lopez confessed to detectives that she helped her mother strangle Marlen. Both women have been charged and Piotr Bobak, Clarisa’s boyfriend, has also been charged with one felony count of concealing the death of a person and one felony count of concealing a homicidal death.

The baby’s DNA has been matched to the father’s. Marlen’s mother, Raquel Uriostegui cried “I want justice for my daughter, my only daughter. This cant stay like this.”