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TGIF! Thank God It’s Friday!
Woo! I’m excited guys, today is the last Friday in July, and yeah, it’s been a great month. I feel this month went fast like we just started July the other day, we just said ‘happy new month’, and now we’re almost ending. Today is the second to last day, 30th July. Wow! That has been quite a month.

How are you? How has your month been, or how did your month go? Don’t worry; we have the rest of the months to figure it out. So take your time, give yourself some break.

In today’s TGIF episode, we are going to be discussing soulmates. I don’t know if I have ever spoken about soulmates before, but I know I have written so much about soulmates. So today’s topic will be about soulmates. Is there anything such as soulmate?

Do You Believe In Soulmates? - In Love And Life
Do You Believe In Soulmates? - In Love And Life

Do you believe soulmates exist? Or do you think there is one person for you, there is that one person that has been designed for you? I think a soulmate is a person you can share your life memories with and build an unbreakable soul bond with. So, I’m going to go ahead and talk about the qualities of a soulmate or what it is to be like for someone to have a soul connection with a person.

Firstly I would say a soulmate can come in the form of a friend or a sibling, and in rare cases as a parent. Now some blessed people have their soulmates to be their partners.

Most of the times, when we talk about soulmates, so many people feel that soulmates have to be in a romantic relationship. Still, I think you can also find your soulmates in other people who share a different kind of bond with you. But then, finding your soulmate in your partner is a blessing, a different sort of blessing.

There is no actual test that will help you determine if you’ve found your soulmate or not. I think you have to know, and you have this conviction that they are the one for you.

Number one, I would say that they make you feel a different kind of calm. In cases of romantic relationships, there might be butterflies in your belly, flutters or having ‘nerve shakes’, but the calm is different. The peace they bring with them is irreplaceable.

Soulmates Give Peace
Do You Believe In Soulmates? - In Love And Life

I would say that a soulmate is a person that makes friendship easy and they are your friends, like your best friends. When we talk about the company, there is friendship, and there are like life-defining friendships that you cannot trade anything for. I don’t know if anybody is coming to your mind where you have this friend you can never trade anything in the world for.

So, yeah, that person could come as a soulmate too. The friendship transcends beyond the feeling of being friends for the sake of being friends, it is something else where emotion is attached, and it transcends feeling and the connection is different.

A soulmate feels a different kind of empathy, and I know there are times when I’ll fall sick, and my mom will call, even when I don’t tell her or don’t want to tell her, and ask, “What is wrong with you? Why are you not feeling fine?” And I’ll be like, “I didn’t even call you”.

Most parents have that type of bond with their children that wherever they are, they can feel this jerk that something is wrong with their child or something bad or good is happening to their child. So yeah, that is one of the characteristics of soulmates too.

A soulmate respects you. I know it’s easy to have a ‘see finish’ in a close human relationship, where the person is your friend, your best buddy; you’ve seen it all together, and you’re like anything goes.

But a soulmate know their boundaries, and they know when to stop. They know how to reach you differently without sounding offensive or without trampling on your principles.

A soulmate is one you can share life goals with. This might come in the form of a friend or partner. You both don’t have to be in the same field or agree over everything, but there’s always this common ground you both find to understand each other; you both balance each other out.

Personalities and backgrounds don’t matter because there is a common understanding for coexistence with both of you.

A soulmate is someone who challenges you because they want to bring out the best in you. This person is always present in your life to give you that little push when you need it. You know, there’s this time in your life when you need that little nudge for you to do something; you need this touch or ‘ginger’ to make that life-changing move. That is what your soulmate is there for.

Finally, your soulmate is someone you can’t fake it with. You can’t; where do you want to start from? How do you want to do it? It’s someone you can be yourself around, someone you can be comfortable with, someone you can do everything you want to do with and you still don’t feel the need to change yourself or be modified to their taste.

Do You Believe In Soulmates? - In Love And Life
Crazy Couple Pulling Faces, Portrait

These are a few of the qualities of a soulmate; someone who has empathy towards you, someone who is your best friend, someone who shares life goals with you, someone who wants to challenge you to be better, someone who is there both in the good and bad times.

Studies show that there are people who don’t believe in the existence of soulmates. Some researches show that those who believe that soulmates exist are likely to do well in relationships because there’s always this psychology that you are always giving people the benefit of the doubt that they can have the possibility of being the one.

In contrast, people who don’t believe in the existence of soulmates feel that it is too much responsibility to place it on someone’s shoulders that they would meet all your life expectations.
I believe that you can get all that in one person effortlessly because their perspective is from the angle of being a burden.

One person can be all that for you, one person can do all that, but I also think you can have more than one soulmate. It’s perfect when you marry one of them. You can have your soulmate as your sibling and as your spouse.

There are a lot of us who grew up with our siblings with whom we developed an unbreakable bond; that sibling you can call from any part of the world and reach out to them, and they will answer immediately.

While people argue about the existence of soulmates, I believe that they do exist, and you can have more than one soulmate; you can have more than one person who is reaching out into your heart; more than one person who understands your soul’s language without the use of words.

As we are talking about marrying your soulmate, I believe relationships can be built to have a soulmate bond, especially in a romantic relationship. Instead of waiting around for your soulmate to tick all the boxes, you can also create a soulmate connection through intentionality; you both will be right there and be suitable for each other. All it takes to be soulmates is to be ideal for each other, and as both of you have put in the effort and have been intentional in understanding each other, the bond with develop.

Some think soulmates fall from the skies, you meet the person, and they know you, does this or that for you, but it’s not necessarily like that. A soulmate bond can be built, and from there, it won’t be seen as work anymore. It just flows on its own.

While reading, did anyone come to mind? Or did people come to mind? And you’re like, “I think this person is my soulmate”. You have to recognise them even when they are not your partner. You have to give your friends who go all out for you that credit to provide you with their very best.

Do You Believe In Soulmates? - In Love And Life
Friends Who Are Soulmates

They also deserve that type of love in return; instead of wanting it to be all mushy like in a romantic relationship, yea, that could work, but we should also appreciate it in those who love us down to our souls and are always there for us.

So yes, guys, do you believe in soulmates? What do you think about having soulmates? Do you think soulmates exist? If yes, do you think you can have more than one soulmate? ‘Cos that is one thing I know people have a problem with understanding or accepting.
Have you found your soulmate? Let me know, guys.

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So guys, see y’all. Remember in the world where you can be anything. Please be kind.

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