Microsoft Just Joined The 1 Trillion Dollar Company Club

Did you know that there is a group of companies that have been worth over 1 TRILLION DOLLARS at some point? Well, before Wednesday, April 24th, only two companies were in that club, but now they have a new member. Yesterday, Microsoft briefly became the most valuable company in the United States of America, just like Amazon and Apple have previously done. The war to stay on top continues though with Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple all fighting to be the most valuable company in the US.

Microsoft broke past the 1 trillion dollar mark during after-hours trading on Wednesday. The company’s shares jumped more than 4% on better-than-expected earnings and revenues for the third quarter. The company posted revenues of about $30.6 billion and a net income of $8.8 billion from a combination of its services which include like Windows OS, Xbox/Gaming, search advertising, and the Surface line.

With this boost, Microsoft is now only the third company to reach such a valuation as well as become the most valuable company in the US based on all traded shares added together. Apple was the first to achieve the trillion dollar feat in August of 2018, followed by internet and e-commerce giant Amazon a month later. Apple now has a market valuation of $976 billion, while Amazon sits at $935 billion. And since yesterday, Microsoft has cooled down to about $960 billion.

When asked about how they felt, Microsoft declined to make any comments – because obviously they feel that’s where they should be by now.

So are you looking to create a company? How much will your company be worth in 10 years?

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