Manchester City Fans Demands Apology from Guardiola

Manchester City fans ask former Bayern Munich and Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola, their present coach, to apologise to them. This is in reaction to the Uefa Champions League final loss to fellow Premier League side Chelsea.
Manchester City fans are of the opinion that the manager has failed as a manager of the club even after winning the English Premier League for them on three different occasions since his arrival at the club in 2016.

Manchester City Fans Not Happy Pep Guardiola

City fans said the sole reason why Pep Guardiola was appointed as manager was the Champions League because the club already has the English Premier League before his arrival. Pep Guardiola spent five years in the club before he finally reached his first-ever Champions League final with the club. The fans were expecting the manager to deploy experience in the final game, but the manager dropped some key players, which later affected the team’s performance.

Manchester City Fans Demands Apology From Guardiola
Manchester City Fans Demands Apology From Guardiola

Pep Guardiola is the manager that spent the most in the last transfer window in the English Premier League, and the fans were expecting him to reward them with the Champions League trophy after spending so much in buying players. Kun Aguero, Rodri, Ferdinandinho, Gabriel Jesus and Ferran Torres were all on the bench. He played with a false striker until late into the second half-half before bringing in Aguero.

The manager, however, said he did his best in the line-up, and the players two are aware, but the plan did not just work for them. Manchester City chairman Al Mubarak is also not happy with the manager after the Champions League defeat. Guardiola is still yet to answer the fans who are demanding an apology from him.

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