Man Cries Out, Says Train Operating as Danfo Bus

A man has lamented how the train conveying passengers along the Itakpe-Warri axis operates like the popular danfo bus seen in Lagos State.

He said the operators now stop at illegal and unauthorized terminals and pick up passengers with luggage and other belongings.

The observer, whose name was not mentioned, could be seen on a video he recorded while also narrating the event, as travellers at the Itakpe-Warri railway line stopped at an unauthorised terminal to board and get to their destination.

Man Cries Out, Says Train Operating As Danfo Bus

The act by the operators sparked outrage on social media. Many persons criticised the practice, noting that people will blame the Federal Government first before any other individual if anything goes wrong.

The video showed undocumented travellers in unknown locations as others onboard condemned the act, noting that such behaviour is hardly acceptable in other climes.

Some service crew members could be seen helping the passengers, including men and women, board to get onboard.

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