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Love Birds for Life

Love birds for life

As a peacock and peahen we’re the template

Our love is like a dove without strife

What a peaceful home we’ll definitely create

Can’t just stop to call you my wife

Just like a word I originate.

Love birds for life

As a woodpecker and wood we’re meant to be

Our love is deeper than the ocean and that’s not a lie

With you, my dream has become so big

This feeling we’ve got is called so fly

Like that of a honey and its host called bee.

Love birds for life

As an eagle on wings we’ll soar so high

Our love is farther than a thousand of kilometers drive

It’s not just for any man to try

On this lofty height we’ll thrive

Just like a bird flapping its wings to fly.

Love birds for life

As an Owl and its eyes our visions are so clear

Our love is borne out of purpose so we have to live

It’s not common but rare

This kind of love is without vacation or leave

Just like the air we breathe, it’s here to stay.

Lover bird for life

As a flock of Eurasian crane we form a tag team

Our love is not seasonal, it’s for life

It’s hot yet colder than a cup of ice cream

What a bond we share that cannot be separated by a knife

Just to remind you of my words, I can’t stop to call you my wife.

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