Lady Digs Up Don Davis’ Mum’s 15-Year-Old Secret

The mother of Don Davis, the Js1 student at the centre of the ongoing Deeper Life School saga, has been dragged online by a lady who claims to know her secret of 15 years.

This information came to light after the news of the threats Deborah received from various individuals and organisations made the rounds.

Don Davis’ mum dragged over 15-year secret

Commenting under one of the headlines, a Facebook user with the username Eno Patrick accused Deborah of snatching her friend’s husband 15 years ago.

She described Deborah Okezie as a ‘bunch of trouble’ who snatched her friend’s husband years ago. The accusing lady described Deborah’s current ordeal as punishment for what she did 15 years ago but felt bad for Don Davis who is just a child.

The lady wrote,

“The lady is a bunch of trouble, someone that snatched my friend’s husband married for 15 years. Deborah your cup is filled up. Ino ebe owo. I only pity the son not that husband snatcher”

Eno went ahead to tag her friend whose husband Deborah allegedly snatched to come and see karma in the display.

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