Kiddwaya’s Manager, Linek Blows Hot

Linek Ovie, Kiddwaya’s manager blows hot with a lengthy rant.

The British bred manager and creative director has had just about enough of the hate and trolling, forcing her to rant in a recent Instagram video. Linek has been managing the Kiddwaya brand since the beginning of his adventure into the BBNaija house, but the vitriol started coming at her after his eviction.

Most viewers of the show believed that Kiddwaya changed towards some of his colleagues after the show, and it was due to the information Linek fed him. Although this was not confirmed, internet users did not hesitate to troll her at any given opportunity.

Kiddwaya'S Manager, Linek Blows Hot
Linek Ovie, Kiddwaya’s manager

Kiddwaya’s manager reacts to trolling

Fed up with the hate, Linek took to her Instagram to rant. She said that she was tired of the insults and hate coming her way for things she did not do. She said,

“If you don’t like me… I don’t understand, we’re not fighting, we’re not beefing. It’s becoming… It’s absolutely becoming too much.

“I haven’t spoken about it because I am like you know what, it’s not that deep, everyone can share their opinions. But you guys… people have lied on my name, people just trying to tarnish my name, because of what? I don’t understand. Am I wearing your pant? I don’t understand.”

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