Kickasso Kustoms Eye Perfect Design for Ronaldo’s 2022 Worldcup Boot

Kickasso Kustoms is a shoe making and designing company owned by Troy Cole. He has been in business for many years making and designing shoes for athletics, he was once designed a shoe for the legendary David Beckham. He said Beckham was trying to think of a unique way to recognize National Breast Cancer Awareness so he came to him. The word Kirby was mentioned and the whole house loved it.

Kickasso Kustoms Eye Perfect Design For Ronaldo'S 2022 Worldcup Boot 1
Benjamin Mendy of Manchester City and France

He designed a shoe for him with comic characters and it looked very beautiful although it was odd in his legs then. Over the years Kickasso Kustoms has gained more and more popularity as he now designs soccer boots for many football stars around the world. Speaking about his concepts and ideals he relates it to the ability to create new things around.

 Kickasso Kustoms designs David Beckham, Paulo Dybala, Benjamin Mendy, Kingsley Coman and many other players. His collections are no doubt one of the best in the world with good artistic relevance. He said: Creativity and originality is what has kept him going all these years. Troy Cole is confident of designing for five-times Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo‘ s boot for the 2022 FIFA Worldcup to be played in Quarter.

A perfect ground has already been set for him as he has already designed for one of the Portuguese close friends in the person of Paulo Dybala. Benjamin Mendy of Manchester City has also recieved from the Kickasso Kustoms collections.

Kickasso Kustoms Eye Perfect Design For Ronaldo'S 2022 Worldcup Boot 2

Kickasso Kustoms Shoes Creativity is Key

Adding to this he said: “creativity and Originality are some of the things I always speak about. I try to differentiate from the different artists is that we’re all artists. We’re all unique, we all have our own thing, so just be yourself.”

The most work lies in the creativity he added, he said: “it is in the creative part, that all the illustrations comes in. We are creating a shoe. Everything that I do, I want to be able to make something that you won’t see on the sneaker shelves. When you go to your local store or you want to look online, you won’t find anything else like this. I think I’ve done a really good job of just sticking to that. Am being different and unique.”

Kickasso Kustoms shoes are one of a kind

Kickasso Kustoms Eye Perfect Design For Ronaldo'S 2022 Worldcup Boot 3

When asked about his best reaction when his clients come to get the shoes he said: “Wow, honestly. It’s the reaction I receive from the athlete afterwards. They’re like kids on Christmas. They know they’re getting this, they know what’s happening, and then when they actually get it. They open up that box, they pull the paper back, and they see, ‘Oh wow, wooooow.’ They pick up the shoe, they want to take pictures with it, they tag me in photos.

Kickasso Kustoms Eye Perfect Design For Ronaldo'S 2022 Worldcup Boot 4

The shoe designs are one of kind and so I really like it when the work is appreciated. “I love the fact that I can bring joy to someone just by creating something, because you never know what they’re going through or what’s going on in their minds, whether it’s a confidence booster, whether it’s something they want to have as a commemorative item. I am excited that I’m able to do that for them and also be able to see that as well on a daily basis.”

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