Junk Food Causes Infertility, Say Experts

Unhealthy eating habits in younger years can cause to low sperm count, new study reveals. Teenagers who consume fast food are not only putting their long-term health at risk, but also limiting their chances of having children. This was discovered in a study by scientists at Harvard University.

The National reported that fertility doctors in the U.A.E supported the findings. They said pizzas, burgers and other highly processed fatty food can have a destructive effect on sperm producing Sertoli cells.

While switching to a healthier diet can increase sperm count within three months, experts alerted that the damage done to these life-producing cells can be permanent.

“The study strongly suggests the after-effects of an unhealthy lifestyle,” said Dr Laura Melado, (IVI Fertility, Abu Dhabi). “This time, it correlates unhealthy eating with male fertility. While fertility is not something that our teenagers think about just yet, the findings should nonetheless raise an alarm.”

Low sperm count is categorized as being less than 39 million by the World Health Organisation. And the study discovered that young men who mostly ate processed junk food had 25.6 million sperm per ejaculation. That contrasts to those who reported more balanced and plant-based diets.

Junk Food Causes Infertility, Say Experts 2
Junk food

In addition, various other factors can cause male infertility, such as unhealthy lifestyles, drug use or hormonal and genetic disorders. Men over 40 are also more likely to face difficulty in conceiving.

Dr Melado said almost 40 per cent of all infertility cases are due to male-related issues. And low sperm count is the number one reason for male infertility.

“We hope the results of this latest study will bring a mindset change. Hopefully, they will lead to concrete actions and wider understanding,” she said.

“For our overall health and well-being, we cannot stress enough the importance of consuming a healthy diet and engaging in active lifestyle. In the Middle East, several government-led programs in this regard have already been launched, and we fully support these initiatives.”

Experts suggested a good diet for boosting the chances of conceiving.

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