Judicial Officers in Nigeria Earn 10 Times Less

Judicial Officers practising in the public service in Nigeria earn meagre salaries for their labour, as some revelations have shown that their payments seem ten times lower than their counterparts in Kenya.

This exposure was made by Justice Monica Dongban-Mensem, President of the Court of Appeal, while recently speaking at the 2021/22 legal year opening.

Justice Monica hinted that the Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, who is the head of the judiciary in Nigeria, receives two hundred and seventy-nine thousand, four hundred and ninety-seven naira (N279, 497) as monthly salary, an equivalent of six hundred and eighty US dollar ($680).

She further stressed that other Justices on Nigeria’s Supreme Court Bench make a monthly living of two hundred and six thousand, four hundred and twenty-five naira (N206,425), which, if translated into dollars, sums up to five hundred and two dollars ($502).

Salaries of Judicial Officers Stagnant for Over 10 Years

Justice Monica Dongban-Mensem, President of the Court of Appeal, said the judicial officers’ salaries, minus allowances, have stagnated for over ten years, therefore, pleading with the federal government for an immediate upward review of the payment.

Surprisingly, as the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Monica revealed that she collects the same amount as the Supreme Court Justices of N206,425 or $502 every month.

Meanwhile, she also stated that other Justices on the bench of the Court of Appeal head home with one hundred and sixty-six thousand, two hundred and eighty-five naira (N166,285) or interchangeably four hundred and four dollars ($404) per month.

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