Joint Security Forces Return 200 Victims to Their Families

Joint Security Forces have successfully rescued and returned about two hundred kidnapped persons (200) to their families.

They conducted several raids on the kidnappers’ hideouts to put a stop to their activities and ensure the safety of citizens in the region.

The rescued victims – 187 men, women and children – were freed in Zamfara State, where they had been kidnapped in separate bandit attacks; police said late Thursday.

The mixed operation was carried out around the forests of the country’s North-West region, securing nothing less than 200 individuals abducted from their communities.

Joint Security Forces Clean up Criminally-Infested Region

It would be noted that within the years, there have been countless attacks and abductions in North-West and Central parts of Nigeria, targeting both women, children, and men included.

In the recent past, criminal gangs have raided, looted, burnt, raped, kidnapped for ransom, committing violent crimes and other atrocities.

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