John Wick Video Game What we know about the game so far.

Just one week to the release of the third instalment in the John Wick franchise, Good Shepherd announce the new John Wick video game.

John Wick Video Game What We Know About The Game So Far. 1

The massive success of the two previous film and with the anticipation of the 3rd John Wick film has made the character so popular. A popularity has led your favorite gun totting, suit wearing assassin to get his own video game.  Very soon, video game fans will be able to play the titular character in a new action-strategy game called John Wick Hex, which is being published by Good Shepherd Entertainment and helmed by indie game creator Mike Bithell.

Gamers however maybe dissapointed to learn that the game wouldn’t be a  third-person action thriller with intense “gun-fu”, blood, neck-snapping and pencil stabbing. Bithell has described it as “fight-choreographed chess” rather than an action game like Resident Evil or COD. The game adapts the movie’s signature gun fu into a strategy game where the player must plan the best route through a bunch of “disposable henchmen”. While the game is based on the movie franchise, it will have an original story.

Hex will come with extra features and unlockables such as weapons and Wick’s trademark suits, along with limited ammo that’s described as “realistically simulated. Voicing the characters are original John Wick actors like Ian McShane & Lance Reddick. Although there is no word yet as to whether Keeanu reeves will reprise his role as the titular character.

Albeit, there is no official release date for the game  yet,  the game will first get a PC release and Mac through the Epic Games Store.

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