Joan Laporta Denies Asking Messi to Play for Free

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has debunked reports circulating on social media suggesting he was begging Lionel Messi to play for them for free. According to him, he admitted the prospect was raised before the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner left for French Ligue 1 top side Paris St-Germain earlier this season.

Joan Laporta Declears Messi World Best Player

But Joan Laporta denied rumours saying he wanted the Argentine international to play for free. He said he made it known in a radio show. He said: “If Messi could have stayed for free?’ For free. I don’t know if it would have been possible, but I understand that it could have been.”

Joan Laporta Denies Asking Messi To Play For Free
Joan Laporta Denies Asking Messi To Play For Free

Joan Laporta also said: “And for a while, I was like, well, it could have been. But I never asked Messi to play for free, and in that Messi is right because, other than that, he is the best player in the world.” “We knew he had a big offer, and that was nonsense. Anyway, it had to come from him, not from me. I never said that, and a controversy was born which is distorted at the source.”

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