I’m Asari (Episode 25): Twitter Rants Can Go A Long Way

So my twitter account has been blowing up and it is insane; I have never had this much attention on twitter or any form of social media before and I don’t know if I like or hate it. Remember when I told you about my boss who I slapped for kissing me without my permission? After the job the people in charge of hiring me refused to pay me my complete fee because of what I did. They said something about me embarrassing the owner of the hotel and being violent instead of reporting what he did.

“To who?” I asked and the snobbish lady dismissing said I should have come to her “what would you have done if I told you? Fire him from his hotel?” I asked again but I guess my question irritated her, so she walked out on me.

I was very upset. First of all, the total amount I was supposed to be paid was very small and then divided into two was absolutely peanut. And for what? For defending myself from a disgusting man who believed he could do whatever he wanted because he was wealthy? I decided not to take the situation lying down; so I took the matter to Twitter.

I created the longest thread twitter has ever seen and ranted until I had no more words to explain my frustrations. I tagged the hotel and everybody on twitter I knew had something to do with that hotel just so that the owner will see it.

My intention was to make the situation public and force them to pay me my compete money; but I never expected to attract the attention of the Ministry of Women Affairs  

I mean, I have only five hundred followers so you can imagine my shock when I woke up to over ten thousand retweets, five thousand replies and fifty missed calls. Mostly from the woman who dismissed me from the hotel with half the amount I was supposed to be paid; I guess she is the company secretary or something… What’s her name again? I forget

I was overwhelmed by what I saw on my twitter page, so the first thing I did was close it and go shower. After a shower and a very delicious breakfast, I then went back to twitter to make sure my eyes were seeing correctly.

The Federal Ministry of Women Affairs @ted me asking for my details and how they could help me get the justice that I needed; I sent them my email address… since this situation was going to take a life of its own I wasn’t going to stop it. I called the snobbish woman from the hotel and she was hysterical, I guess the company reputation was at stake and her job was threatened; she asked me to come to her office and I refused. I told her she could put the remaining money I was owed in my bank account when she was ready and ended the call.

Within five minutes the money I was owed appeared in my account with a follow-up text message from the woman. She asked me to post an apology on twitter; I laughed very hard and ignored the text message. Well, I didn’t completely ignore the text; I posted it on twitter and the reaction was mad.

A prominent female lawyer got involved and started posting her own thread while tagging me, Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and the hotel. The reaction was crazy and before I knew it #SlapTheBastard started trending.

I got a lot of love and support from people both home and abroad until someone posted something about being violent and the tide of support started to turn against me. The support was still more than the criticism but when people want to be mean; their words can destroy your soul. For every fifty good comments, I got one negative comment but the negative comments were gut-wrenching; I didn’t know how to defend myself from this monster I was slowly creating because it was going to be a matter of time before people started calling me a clout chaser so I switched off my phone. So that I could breathe

About ten minutes after I switched off my phone; there was a knock on my door and it was my mother “Asari, you have a phone call” she said giving me her phone. I looked at her with a puzzled expression and she shrugged.

“Hello” wondering who could be calling me through my mother’s phone

“Hello… my name is Uche and I am calling from the office of the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, it is about your current situation… we are calling to let you know that we are very interested in this issue and we would like to make an example of the man who assaulted you”

The words left me speechless, first of all. How did they get my mother’s phone number? And what did they mean by example? Like send him to jail? Or take him to court? What the hell did that mean? And all of a sudden I felt like I had bitten more than I could chew.

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