Iker Cassilas: Recovering From Heart Attack

Iker Casillas has had a heart attack but is out of danger, Porto said Wednesday. The Portuguese club said Casillas fell ill during a practice session and remains hospitalized, but the heart condition has been resolved.

It said the 37-year-old Spaniard is doing well and is in stable condition.

It is reported that Casillas’ heart attack was probably caused by genetic issues. The report stated that it is rare for people aged less than 40 to suffer from this same problem (a myocardial infarction, with obstruction of the right coronary artery) as per his medical reports from the hospital.

The reports further claim that it was the rapid response by FC Porto’s medical safety systems that kept Casillas alive and had it happened at home or in the absence of prompt medical care, the chances of survival would have been dashed.

Casillas posted a photo of himself on Twitter giving a thumbs up in the hospital bed.

“Everything under control here. A big scare, but holding strong. Thank you everyone for the messages and the support.”

Porto said the practice session at the team’s training center was interrupted so doctors could attend to Casillas.

No timeline was given for how long the goalkeeper will be sidelined. Defending champion Porto trails Benfica by two points in the Portuguese League with two games left.

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