Housegirls: Domestic & Child Abuse are Jola Ayeye’s Concerns in Her New Documentary

How many times have you stopped for a moment to consider the fate and ordeal of the domestic helps you see in different households all over the country. 

In many Nigerian households, we find house-helps, most of whom are kids, being maltreated and many Nigerians are aware but choose to look away. These individuals have been seen to come under serious danger or harm such as domestic abuse, food deprivation, and even sexual violence. This is what the upcoming documentary, Housegirls tackles.

Created by Salt & Truth TVHousegirls aims to delve into the common practice of hiring and exploiting children for these jobs. The documentary seeks to find out where these children come from, who profits from their work and why it has become so normalized. 

“When we were creating a production company we agreed to create 2 types of stories; stories that help people escape their reality, and stories that hold a mirror up to society. Housegirls was borne from the latter.”

The abuse that young children face in the homes of their employers is no secret, however, there’s not a lot done to curb or eradicate it. The general attitude amongst Nigerians (especially the older generation) is that this is their lot in life, and that all fingers are not equal. 

“I had a long list of things I felt were wrong with Nigeria and nobody was saying anything about it. So I brought it up again in a roundabout way and my co founder said ‘nobody is holding our mouth, we can tell the story’. So we did.”

In this documentary, they take a look at all the “economic and social elements that have made the exploitation of children a staple in homes across Nigeria”, where these children come from, how they manage their lives and the societal attitudes to this well-known abuse.

Check out the trailer right here:

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