Govs Working Hard To Sway Ministerial Appointments

Some Nigerian governors are certainly working hard to say who become(s) minister(s).

Since from 2015 president Muhammadu Buhari made the resolve of the section process to himself. The governors did not influence the selection of ministers.

However, it was gathered that some governors met with the president before his trip to the UK. An aide to one of the govs told reporters. At lease one governor from each geo-political zone attended the meeting except the South-South.

Although, the South-South rep was not in attendance of the meeting, the zone was duly carried along in the discussion.

The source added that, “The governors were divided into three camps, hence the reason they didn’t meet the president on the platform of the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF).”

“Their argument when they met the president was on the need for synergy.. A kind of opportunity for them, to give they input on who should be picked for the ministerial appointment,”

He added that some governors who called themselves like minds, later met in another platform and selected six of them to meet the president.

Further adding that, although, the president thanked the delegation for its concern to get the best for his second tenure. He allegedly told them he was not expecting any of them to tell him who to appoint.

The source further added, the governors were expected to meet on Tuesday or Thursday in Abuja.

Adding that the President was still consulting the best hands irrespective of party affiliations.

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