Girl Child Education: Centre LSD Engages Media, Stakeholders to Chart Way Forward

Girl Child Education has been a critical aspect in the country’s advancement plans to implement some of the objectives in the road to attaining gender equity.

Non-Profit Organisations such as the African Centre for Leadership, Strategy and Development, Centre LSD has also taken it as part of activities in implementing its Community-Led Collective Action for Girls Education, C-CAGE, with support from the Malala Foundation.

On Monday, September 20, 2021, the duo shall convene a One-Day Education Townhall Meeting and Media Parley in Adamawa State.

The town hall meeting will serve as a platform to bring together key players in the education sector, including the press, for an in-depth discussion on the successes of the C-CAGE project extract commitment for further support for quality education to Girls Education in Adamawa state.

NGO Advocates for Girl Child Education

Yesterday, a statement by Ms Frances Igwilo, the Education Champion for the Malala project, said they’d identified some critical gatekeepers during their target implementation in the selected communities.

The targets include Community/Religious Leaders, School Authority, local government Chairmen, Headteachers, Parents, Facilitators and Girls from Maso Son Ilimi safe spaces in Maiha, Numan and Song local Government and Media Partners invited for the historic event.

Frances stated that media conversation has become critical given the recent closure of boarding schools in the state due to insecurity. We need the media to continually put girl child education at the front burner of discussion and make our schools safe for all to achieve Goals 4 and 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

She urged members of the public to join in the campaign for girl-child education and follow proceedings.

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