Game of thrones season 8 episode 5

Episode 5 of Season 8 is bound to be one of the most controversial episodes of television ever made. Many hated it, many loved it. I loved it. First, we were lucky to have survived without any spoilers for this episode. Then we lost even more people than we did during the war with the Night King.

Varys betrayed Daenerys because he’s convinced she is starting to get a bit iffy.Tyrion tells on him. Knowing a plot turn when he hears one, it sounds like Unsullied boots marching towards your door. Varys burns his final secret letter, takes off his rings and quietly congratulates himself on making it this far.  As Dany sentences him to death, Tyrion quietly reveals that he was the one to betray him and we get our first goodbye of the episode.

Daenerys reveals that her men captured Jaime. Tyrion frees him to try to get Cersei out of the city.  Daenerys Burns down Euron’s fleet and King’s landing. The fight is very one sided, but Euron somehow manages to flee from his ship and survive.

Jaime encounters Euron on his way. They fight and Jaime kills Euron, but he is mortally injured. He makes it to Cersei and they die together, with her weeping about wanting her child to live. The Hound fights the Mountain and they both die.

I loved this episode, but it wasn’t supposed to be this easy–not just for Daenerys and Jon and the victors of this battle, but for any of us. We were supposed to travel to this place in time, this battle of battles, this storm of swords, this dance of dragons.

Personally, I think at this point Sansa should sit on the throne. Who do you think will rule Westeros by next week?

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