Game Of Thrones Season 8 episode 4

In this episode, the show said goodbye to Missandei and Rhaegal. Hopefully, the show survives all these leaks and spoilers. Here’s what happened (with focus on Daenerys).

All the dead were burned. Daenerys had a moment with Jorah, Sansa had hers with Theon, Sam with Lord Commander Tollett and John with Lyanna Mormont.

Everyone is gathered around Winterfell’s hall. Drinking, eating and toasting one another’s bravery and good looks after the battle against the Night King is done. There wasn’t much for Daenerys to celebrate. She lost a lot of her men, a man who defended her to his last breath, and her claim to the Iron Throne was on shaky ground.

Daenerys is generous in her words of praise for others. She makes Gendry Lord of Storm’s End and toasts Arya as the Hero of Winterfell. But when she watches Tormund and the others sing Jon’s praises, commend his bravery, his return from the dead to “keep fighting” and his willingness to ride a dragon, her eyes grow very dark.

Feasting and merriment turn to battle plans. Dany wants to push on to King’s Landing immediately. Sansa suggests they wait and let the troops rest and recover from their wounds. It’s a rational and perfectly sensible suggestion, but Daenerys responds with anger. She’s starting to crack now that the obstacles are intensifying and her allies are dwindling. Her and Sansa were serving looks at each other throughout the entire episode, and it’s only a matter of time before one of them bites back at the other.

Cersei has Missandei executed after Euron kills Rhaegal and attacks Daenerys’ ships. “Dracarys!” Missandei said with her final breaths. This translates essentially into “Burn them all!” and was a message to Daenerys.

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