Five (5) Great Valentine’s Day Gift for your Partner in Nigeria

Five (5) great valentine’s day gift for your partner is an answer to the most asked questions during valentine’s season. The month of February over the years has been referred to as a month of love and romance. And, February 14th every year is regarded as Valentine’s day celebration, tracing to St. Valentine a Roman Catholic priest. Although there are many historical views on the origin of Valentine’s day celebration, they are all centered on the loving gestures of St. Valentine.  

 With that in mind, people mark the celebration of love that day by getting/sending a romantic gift to their loved ones. However, it’s a known fact that often times, some people find it hard to make the right choice. Be it shopping for their spouse, parent, siblings, or friends, there are always unusual intimidating factors that come with making the right choice. These factors give rise to the frequently asked questions on the right gift for Valentine’s day. Among the questions that pop up during valentine period include the followings among others;

Most asked Valentine’s Day Gift Questions in Nigeria

  • What should I do for him/her on Valentine’s Day?
  • What should I get for him/her this Valentine’s Day?
  • Which Valentine gift would he/she prefer?
  • What’s the best Valentine’s gift for my wife/husband?
  • I’m tired of giving him/her a particular thing every time, what new should I get him?

Et cetera

A lot of people in Nigeria and globally during this time, use the opportunity to show their loved ones how much love and care for them. An act exhibited through buying and sending of nice gifts with a heartfelt message and other things. These list of five (5) great valentine’s day gifts to buy for your partner in Nigeria was generated from an ‘on the street’ interview conducted by took time to interview Nigerians both males and female on the five (5) great Valentine’s day gift the will fancy this valentine. In Nigeria most especially, getting the right valentine’s day gift for your partner can be tiring most times.

 The interview, however, will serve as a guide to help you save the stress of getting stuck when thinking of what to get for your partner. So, worry no more. I will be guiding you on the relevant, perfect and great valentine’s day gift to present to your partner. In the course of this article, there is something for everyone. And among the numerous number of people interviewed, the ones listed below covers the most unique and interest answers. Starting with the female counterpart and five (5) five great Valentine’s Day gift they would like to get for their man for Valentine.

 Five (5) Great Valentine’s Day Gift In Nigeria
Five (5) Great Valentine’s Day Gift in Nigeria

Five (5) Great Valentine’s Day Gift for a Nigerian Lady

Miss Klara

In an interview with Miss Klara, she said, “the five (5) great valentine’s day gift I will like to get from my partner are”

Accessories: He can buy me some gold jewelry.

Cake: He can buy me a Red Velvet no icing juicy cake.

Shopping: Taking me out for a nice shopping wouldn’t hurt.

Nice Date: An outing to a nice restaurant to eat “good” food.

Money: for sure money, so, crediting my Account will be nice

Miss Fiona

Miss Fiona during the interview section with her, has this to say. The five great valentine’s day gift I will like to get from my partner in summary includes;

Massive Airtime: He can buy a five thousand (N5,000) naira airtime.

Human Hair: I will also like a Honey-colored Human hair.

Trip: I will like a three days getaway trip to a nice resort like La’ Tropicana resort.

A House: Buying a house for me in Abuja is sure a great valentine’s day gift to make me marvel.

Money: Lastly, transferring some funds to my account will definitely be great.

Lady Florence  

During an interview section with Lady Florence, she also summarized five great valentine’s day gift she would like to get.

Nice Date: Going on a date with me will be awesome.

Pet: I love pets, so buying one for me as a valentine’s day gift will be stunning.

Gadgets: Buying a nice gadget for me like a Mac Laptop or an IPad will be pretty cool.

New Job: If he helps secure a better-paid job, it will be more than a valentine’s day gift.

 Money: Giving me some cash for a valentine’s day gift will also be great.

Five (5) Great Valentine’s Day Gift for a Nigerian Man

Mr. Kingsley

Mr. Kingsley when asked to name five (5) great valentine’s day gift he would like to receive from his partner, listed the following;

A Trip: I like traveling, so if she could take me on an all-expense-paid trip within or outside of Nigeria, it does the magic.

Dinner Date: There are few things more romantic than going on a dinner date with the one you love on valentine’s day.A dinner date is also a nice valentine’s day gift.

New Gadget: I love new and latest gadgets like Laptops and others, so getting me one for valentine’s day gift will definitely be awesome.

Accessories: I also love accessories a lot like the watch, neckless, perfumes among others, so receiving one as a valentine’s day gift will also be great.

Time: Another great valentine’s day gift I will love is her time. Spending quality time with my partner will be nice as a valentine’s day gift.

Mr. Nero Josh

Finally, on the interview, Mr. Nero Josh gave a simple and unique answer, as he simply answered “Time”, adding that there is nothing he will value more as a valentine’s day gift than sharing quality time with his partner and that’s all.

However, when faced with the challenges of what to get for your loved ones as a valentine’s day gift, the above-mentioned items will definitely guide you towards making the right choice.

Feel free to also list five (5) great gift you would like to get on valentine’s day.  

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