Featured: Social Media and its Bad Side

Social Media has a lot of influence in today’s society, and it is obvious it is taking the rule of many people and things in the world today. Before now, parents have and spend quality time with their children but not any more as the internet and social media are now the new pedants of many kids in the street. Prince EA, a poet, once said he looks forward to low batteries on our phones because that means a step closer to humanity.

To discuss this, I think it will be best to know what we are talking about, so what is SOCIAL MEDIA? This is a medium through which information can be accessed through gadgets connecting to the internet. Gone are the days when students crack their heads to get the solution to problems. They need to ensure they have a data subscription on their various gadgets and devices. Google has the answer to everything now. 

Featured: Social Media And Its Bad Side
Featured: Social Media And Its Bad Side

When the proper use of a thing is not unknown, abuse is inevitable. So the constant visit to the internet and social media has now made children independent in all regards. Children no longer ask their parents for advice on things anymore. They will instead ask google and get their answers from thereof, which most times are not reliable. Sex education children use to get from their parents is no longer the same as they will instead take advice from their peers or the internet, which are so many fakes out there. 

The impact of social media on people’s lives cannot be overemphasis, and the human being is now glued their mobile phones and other gadgets. Many youths today spend more than the money they spend on their well being for just data subscription to be online, and most times, some people go the extra get the subscription for their phones. The likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Tik Tak and many more social media apps have become the teachers of many young people today. 

Featured: Social Media And Its Bad Side
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Many youths today do a whole lot just because of what they saw or heard from social media. You can not blame just social media because these people have parents who are supposed to mentor them into better people, but they will instead focus on their various jobs, spending little or no time with their children. Many people’s lifestyle is now programmed and determined by what they watch and hear from the social media. 

Also, much information is passed through social media, and people take the stories as they come without checking for the authenticity of the news. Presently in Nigeria, the government placed a ban on Twitter with claims that they are supporting and promoting fake news on their media platform.

Even though it is false, it shows that fake news can come from such places to come up with such excuses. Over time its been proven that life on social media is not the same as that in real life, but many young people do not know this fact, so they try to compete with the people they see online, not knowing they might even be even way better than the people they see on social media. 

Featured: Social Media And Its Bad Side
Featured: Social Media And Its Bad Side

Since Social media is now a part of our everyday life and we really cannot do without it so how do we now live it so as not to abuse its use since they are about 3.48 billion social media users, according to the Global Digital 2019 report by Hootsuite and We Are Social. And many of its benefits are educators, students, employers etc.

Ways You can use Social Media correctly. 

Do not post photos or videos that could damage your reputation.

As it is often said, you are addressed the way you dress, so it is only wise you do not post pictures or videos that speak ill of you. For example, if you go out to a party with your friends and you all had many drinks, and you took pictures of yourselves drinking and maybe smoking, it will be very inappropriate to start posting the images on your social media platform. 

Featured: Social Media And Its Bad Side
Featured: Social Media And Its Bad Side

Any pictures which could be seen as unprofessional and don’t represent the values you vouch for in your real life could make life difficult for you in the future if you post them online. Prospective employers could find these photos and decide you are not responsible enough to be given a job just of the kind of pictures you posted online. 

Know that you may not be the only one putting photos on social media. If a friend has posted pictures of you that you would rather not be seen, you can untag yourself and take them down from your wall. If you think they are awful, you can also reach out to the friend and ask them to delete the photos from the site. 

Do not post personal information.

The key to safe social media use is remembering that whatever goes on air might never be retrieved again, so be careful and conscious of posting any personal information that could make you vulnerable were it to fall into the wrong hands. For example, don’t post photos of your house that clearly show your possessions or complete layout. Never post pictures that contain sensitive personal information, such as your driver’s license, social security number, passwords, or any credit card numbers. Highly sensitive information like this can be used by online criminals to steal your identity, commit fraud under your name, or even break into your home.

Do not trash-talk other people.

It is always typical for people to disagree on specific issues, so arguments, mainly those carried out through a keyboard, can get people very angry, so try to avoid the use of abusive words or trash-talk as it is cyberbullying. Such comment will make you look appear petty and aggressive, and nobody will want to work or do business with you if you have such character defeat. 

Turn on your privacy settings.

Limiting the audience that sees your posts is the best way to provide yourself with a reasonable amount of privacy.  When setting up your social media profile, it is important to turn on your privacy settings. Almost all services provide some controls over who can see what you post. Some services, like Twitter, have universal settings that control all of your posts. Others like Facebook allow you to control the audience for each individual post.

The best way to stay safe on social media is to limit your post visibility to friends only. The occasional public post (which anyone can access) may be okay, but you should carefully consider what goes into it. 

Do not Promote Fake or False information. 

As we have earlier stated, whatever goes on air on the internet can hardly be taken back so, try to verify every information you have received before publishing or sharing. 

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